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2023 June

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2023 June


I made a decision a few years ago to change my weekday encoding from the first letter of each day, to a unique letter for each day. I usually use this encoding next to dates to quickly tell which day of the week it fell on, ex: 2023-03-30 R - Wow, so clear it’s a Thursday! πŸ‘ Let’s look at SMTWTFS vs UMTWRFS: Day Traditional New Sunday S U Monday M M Tuesday T T Wednesday W W Thursday T R Friday F F Saturday S S Only a few letters are unique to a day, like H or W, but it does a better job to tell the day of the week at a glance.

2023 April

Game Design Tenets

2023 April 22

These are the core tenets I keep in mind when designing or making games.

These are the core tenets that I keep in mind when working on a game or a game design: Respect the Player’s Time Let the Player Customize their Experience Tight Core Game Loop Support Colorblind Users Clear Control of the Game Silhouettes are Important Don’t Punish through Choices Respect Internet Bandwidth Respect Computer Resources Reward Exploration Reduce Loading Times Respect the Player’s Time Time is one of the most precious and valuable resources that we have.

2022 January

Thoughts on Git PR Auto-Complete usage.

I don’t like participating in pull requests that automatically close when the first approval is received. I really prefer that the author of the pull request closes the pull request after approvals are received. At its core, auto-complete on pull requests does something that irks me: Auto-complete passes the responsibility of the PR to whoever comes next, and that’s bad. Auto-complete assumes that reviewers are fully aware of the codebase’s functions, the context of why these changes are being submitted, and the context of what the new changes to the code will be doing.

2021 December

I Stopped Drinking Soda

2021 December 30

Nah, just water.

This year I made a huge change in my life - I gave up soda. I’ve been a huge fan of soda for basically my whole life. I would drink it with dinner as a kid, and when I finally started getting my own money I spent a lot of it just on soda. Since 2012 or so when I moved out during college, I’ve really been in overdrive on drinking soda pretty much every day.

2021 March

Join the 0 Noti Club today.

Join the 0 Noti Club today. I don’t like notifications that break my focus. I don’t mind badges or little icons, but flashing lights and noises are really distracting. They tend to be easy enough to disable, but there’s one form of notification that I really dislike: desktop popup notifications. These turn signals that are widely async or informational (ex: status on background tasks, meeting invites) into immediate popups for attention.

2021 February

No More Apostrophes

2021 February 26

Its time to move past apostrophes.

Its time to move past apostrophes. They dont provide any real context to written speech. It won’t be confusing, since apostrophes aren’t voiced in speech. Understanding the lack of apostrophes in written speech will be easy, since the context can be reviewed without asking the speaker to repeat themself. Apostrophe S ’s is tricky. It can mean 2 things at once: Possession, ex: Rob’s computer. Action is, ex: Rob’s using the computer / Rob is using the computer has, ex: Rob’s used the computer / Rob has used the computer.

2020 September

Maine Coon Cala

2020 September 7

When cats play Mancala.

You can play Maine Coon Cala in your browser here: I’ve been playing a lot of Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics Amazon -> Nintendo Switch recently. Especially Mancala, since my girlfriend really enjoys that game, and she wins all the time. While we were playing, I kept calling it “Maine Coon Cala”, and it took root in my brain. How would that look? Can I make it happen? So after styling on her (actually she styled on me 😰), I designed the game:

2020 August


2020 August 22

Sarcass is the word I want to make happen.

Way back in the mythic era of like 2006 I was really interested in making a new word. This is what I came up with: sarcass (sar-cass) | sarcassing, sarcassed Verb To be sarcastic towards someone. I told Cart that I was upset about the lack of pepsi. He said he was upset with his lack good soda choices. Cart sarcassed me! 😑 Synonyms: get smart with, get witty, nay-nay

How to check a Checksum on Windows

It’s time to stop ignoring checksums. Software developers will often publish checksums alongside download links on their websites. Using the checksum information is a way to check that the package you received on the other end of the download is what the developer offered. Checking the checksum when a file is downloaded protects against a class of risk where a file was intercepted mid-transfer and modified in some way. This can be done by a sophisticated attacker to add malware or spyware to an otherwise normal download.

Three Hundred Mechanics is an excellent site to help inspire game developers and designers.

Game design can be intimidating and overwhelming. It feels like all the good ideas have been taken, and anything that can be created is just derivative. Sometimes inspiration strikes me, and I have an idea for a game mechanic that comes fluidly. An idea so good that I’m convinced that everyone will love to play it! Other times I sit in front of my notes and wonder why all my creative desire disappeared.

2020 July

There are three buckets of compensation for every job.

Every job pays in more than just money, I find that every job has three buckets of compensation. It doesn’t matter if it’s skilled labor or just a part-time job to cover the bills, the buckets are always present. Breaking compensation into the buckets helps to compartmentalize and guide thinking when self-analyzing. Sorting experience at work into these buckets helps to determine what is going right and what is going wrong.

New Internet Yelling

2020 July 26

My predictions for the future of iNtErNeT yElLiNG.

In human society we communicate every day. We communicate everything from our desires and success, to our fears and dreams, to our joys and angers. Thinking of anger, I love when someone yells on the internet lIkE tHiS. It’s really satisfying to type like that too. 😸 wHo DrAnK mY pEpSi? One day I was trying to do one of the cool spacing things: w h e n i s l u n c h

Adventures in Colemak

2020 July 26

I'm a colemak typer.

Colemak Website -> ARST Life Background Me? Well, I work on the computer. I play on the computer. Dude I basically live on the computer. My body is not made to live at the computer. Sitting in a chair all day and only moving my hands is going to eventually have a bad effect on me. I started using a standing desk so I can stand for at least an hour or two during the day, but what about my hands?

How to stop Steam from downloading automatically.

If you’re like me and you want Steam to stop downloading stuff automatically, there’s a way to prevent it! In the Steam app: Go to Steam > Settings Go to the Downloads section of the settings popup Under Download Restrictions, check ‘Only auto-update games between:’ and then pick a time that you’re unlikely to be on Steam After this, you will see your downloads queueing and waiting until your selected time.

2020 June

Feed the Colonists Mod

2020 June 11

Some thoughts on my obsolete RimWorld mod, Feed the Colonists

Way back in the mythic era of 2016, I published a mod called Feed the Colonists for RimWorld. It added a meal recipe that allowed players to cook 4 meals at once. Here is the wild of how it was incorporated into the main game. What was the “Feed the Colonists” mod Cooking is really inefficient in RimWorld. Here are the steps to make a meal: Colonist brings enough food to the stove to make a meal, which can take more than 1 trip.

Robot Car

2020 June 8

I got to ride in a Tesla a few times.

The future of everyday transportation is autonomous vehicles. I can’t wait. There will be a day where I get in the car, I input where I want to go, and then I just pull out my phone and play minesweeper until I get wherever I want to be. In the meantime, I sit with the experience that I got to ride in a robot car, a Tesla with autopilot, a few times.

Black Lives Matter

2020 June 6

Black Lives Matter!

I joined the protests again today. My heart hurts to think that #BlackLivesMatter still has to be said. I have never forgotten about Philando Castile, John Crawford III, and Tamir Rice. I’ll never get the videos of their murders out of my head. There was no reason for any of them to die - murdered for following the law - murdered for playing with toys, only given seconds to ‘surrender’ while he was on the phone A second person, Angela Williams, died after suffering a heart attack while fleeing from the shooting.

F Orcs

2020 June 4

I don't like the Green Meanies!

Ffff-uck Orcs Originally posted to the internet on 2014-JAN-11 01:06:16

2020 May

live-server Rules

2020 May 30

My thoughts on using live-server to bootstrap JavaScript projects.

This year is a year of crossing stuff off the list for me, and one of those things was to “try Phaser”. I figured this would be easy enough, it’s been around for a while and it’s popular so it should be possible to find tutorials for it. And even more: find tutorials for what I wanted to tinker with: a tower defense game! I slapped down an index.html in a new directory and found the cdn link to download phaser from the nets, when I realized:


2020 May 29

Blog post about Ardent, a web-based game made by me.

Play Ardent here: I started this project in 2016 not long after working on aMAZEment. My love for minesweeper and my love for procedural generation inspired me to create Ardent. Ardent is a pastel RPG board-based game, with items and monsters placed on the game board. The power of monsters and the stats of items increase based on the number of monsters adjacent to them in the 8 directions. Players can only pick up items that are not surrounded by monsters, defeating monsters removes them from the board.

Fairy Fountain

2020 May 28

Questions and thoughts about spending time at a Fairy Fountain from Legend of Zelda.

πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈβ›²πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ I keep thinking about what it must be like to be in a fairy fountain from Zelda. In my thoughts, I’m allowed to stay there for as long as I want. I think about the little fairies flying around the fountain. I think about how there’s no furniture designed for humans, only a few pots and marble columns. I think about the vines growing up the columns and up the walls.


2020 May 27

Blog post about aMAZEment, a web-based game by PostRobcore.

Play aMAZEment here: Back in the mythical era of 2015 I started a game called aMAZEment. I was just starting to get into web development more and wanted to try making something using HTML5 <Canvas>. aMAZEment was designed to be a roguelike game, except the monsters weren’t supposed to move. This would have given the player time to explore and think about how they want to approach the level. I didn’t plan to have hunger or any mechanics that would force players to progress through the level, so it would be fine for players to take hundreds of turns to figure something out.

Why Fira Code?

2020 May 20

My thoughts on the excellent Fira Code font.

This site is using an open-source font called Fira Code. I’m using it because I really πŸ’— ligatures. It gives this site some nice charm and lets me do cool stuff like this: www *** != >= -> => When programming with ligatures it takes some time to train your brain to look for >= and != instead of >= and != but I think it’s pretty fun and worth it so far.


2020 May 12

Blog post about a web-based Minesweeper game written by me.

You can play my quick and not super polished Minesweeper right here: So here’s a fun fact: I really love the game Minesweeper. It’s unironically one of my most favorite games. I’ve written my own version of the game many times across a lot of platforms (win32 tkinter python, android + unity, web) and now I am bringing it to my blog. 😸 I spent a couple hours over the last few days making a Minesweeper clone!

Hello world from my new blog, using Hugo SSG!

Hello world from the new blog generated using Hugo! 😸🌎

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