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Fairy Fountain

Questions and thoughts about spending time at a Fairy Fountain from Legend of Zelda.

Posted on 2020 May 28


I keep thinking about what it must be like to be in a fairy fountain from Zelda. In my thoughts, I’m allowed to stay there for as long as I want.

I think about the little fairies flying around the fountain. I think about how there’s no furniture designed for humans, only a few pots and marble columns. I think about the vines growing up the columns and up the walls. I think about large windows with simple metalwork holding them up and adorning them. I think about the great fairy surfacing from time to time to be around the fairies. I think about the harp playing an enchanting tune in the background.

I think about the sound of the water running. Is the water hot? Is the water cold?

Should I leave as soon as my hearts are full?

Should I leave when my brain is done taking in the details?

Should I leave when my heart is ready to move on?

Should I be lazy, and just stay with the fairies a little longer?

What should I eat? Can I just sleep on the floor somewhere?

I don’t think it’s possible to answer this one tbh.



Thank you for reading!

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