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The Nerd as on the Internet

I’m Rob C, the Nerd as on the Internet!

The site is back and better than ever. I moved from a node/express/react stack to static site generation. This should make adding content to this site suuuper easy! 😸

About Me

I’m a huge nerd and I like to hang out in my dark room with color changing lights bouncing off the walls. I pretty much only wear black with gray cardigans.

Stuff I Like

I don’t really watch movies but I like 2D/3D animated movies, comedies, heists, and pretty much any Wes Anderson movie.

I do watch hella youtube tho. Mostly LetsPlays of strategy games like Total War: Warhammer II and niche/interesting topic videos.

Where does the handle “PostRobcore” come from?

It’s a play on Post-Hardcore music. Get it? PostRobcore? That’s why I don’t capitalize the “C”. :p

Asuka or Rei?

Asuka, obviously.

image of Asuka from the anime Evangelion, holding a red drink can

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