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Better Weekday Encoding


Posted on 2023 June 30

I made a decision a few years ago to change my weekday encoding from the first letter of each day, to a unique letter for each day.

I usually use this encoding next to dates to quickly tell which day of the week it fell on, ex: 2023-03-30 R - Wow, so clear it’s a Thursday! 👏

Let’s look at SMTWTFS vs UMTWRFS:

Day Traditional New
Sunday S U
Monday M M
Tuesday T T
Wednesday W W
Thursday T R
Friday F F
Saturday S S

Only a few letters are unique to a day, like H or W, but it does a better job to tell the day of the week at a glance.

Feel free to use this in your personal notes! I’d love to see a future where days of the week get their own unique encoding, instead of repeating S and T. 📅 😸


Thank you for reading!

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