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How to play

Click on a cell to reveal it. The number says how many of the adjacent, unrevealed cells are mines. Use this information to determine if cells nearby are safe to open.

Right click on a cell to flag it. This will prevent you from clicking on it and give you a visual guide to where you think mines are. Advanced - Chord: If you click on an open cell with a number (ex: 2) and there are that many flagged cells nearby, you will “chord” and open up all adjacent, non-flagged, non-revealed cells. Try it!

Why do the rows get extra pixels above them move when I flag or click on a mine?

Dude I don’t know, probably some encoding weirdness. I don’t wanna spend any more time on it, css sucks sometimes.

I fixed it and tbh I’m not 100% sure how. I set the line-height property on the cells to be the same height as the cells. It didn’t work for a while, then it did. I should stop programming tired. 😪

Why aren’t my games / wins / best times saved between page reloads?

I don’t wanna add a cookie policy banner yet. 😅

Why can’t I get the right-click menu on this page?

When I was testing I kept right-clicking and then clicking on ‘Back’ which made me lose progress. 😡 So that’s why.

Where’s the source at?

Well *technically* javascript has to be open source, hit ctrl + u. 😏

The code is super gross behind the scenes. I wrote it when I was tired, over multiple days. Maybe I’ll clean it up and put it on github later.