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🐈 Maine Coon Cala 🐈



How to play

  1. When it’s your turn, click on a pit. You will take all of the kibbles from that pit and drop 1 in each pit in a counter-clockwise direction until you are no longer dropping kibbles.
  2. If you land in the store (far left or right big pit), you get to go again.
  3. If you land on an empty pit on your side, you will capture any kibbles on the other player’s side.
  4. The game is over when all kibbles are in a store or one player has no more moves.

Tip & Pro Strat: You can force a game to end by capturing the last pit your opponent has any kibbles in.

The game is really tiny and there’s a huge arm

Yeah this doesn’t work on mobile. Try full web browser.

The game’s art is full sized but it scrolled to the right and I can’t move it

You probably can’t see the left half of this answer either. This is an annoying bug. Reloading the page doesn’t work, you will need to open up a new tab.

Can I get that source, bruh?

Sure, hit CTRL+U. It’s one giant page and the code is really bad/dirty. I was tired when I programmed most of this.

Why are there big gaps in the code?

Huh, it looks like the comments don’t get rendered in the CTRL+U view.